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Recording for the Win

Updated: Jan 4

Part of the prize for winning the Kentuckiana Blues Society Blues Challenge was a few hours of recording time at a Louisville area studio. Although we play a lot of blues in our live show, and continue to focus in on blues, our first album wasn't at all representative of this. We were all anxious to get our evolution into blues recorded so we could get it out into the world. So we made a bee line to Al Fresco's Place, where we met with Jeff Carpenter, owner and engineer. With only 6 hours available and a very limited budget otherwise, we made sure we were immensely prepared ahead of time. We had to get this recorded well in a short time. THe preparation paid off. After a month of getting really detailed in rehearsal, we were able to knock out 4 tunes in 5 hours. Now, for anyone not well versed in recording, this is generally Not how it goes. We really could have spent hours and hours more making sure every little detail came out perfectly. But despite the imperfections left in the recording, we still felt this was good enough for you all to get a great idea of what we're about. More importantly, to get a good idea about where we are headed. More details to follow about the release.

Jeff Carpenter at the controls recording Joe

Special thanks to the Kentuckiana Blues Society for Sponsoring this recording and to Jeff Carpenter for his work on it with us.

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